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Aftercare Programs

What are Aftercare Programs?

These are programs that are designed and specifically created to provide recovering addicts with an ongoing support system and the treatment that they need to heal from an addiction. These programs support patients’ transitioning to a normal life. They are available in both outpatient settings or in an intensive residential program for addiction. To qualify for admission to these programs the most important criteria is that a person is sober for an appropriate period prior to admission. Typically, these programs begin as soon as the patient has completed his or her addiction treatment successfully.

How Aftercare helps you to transition back to a normal life?

Drug addiction leaves a void or an empty space in a person that only a regular fix can end a drug habit. Kicking a drug habit is extremely hard on a person in every way. Addiction treatment is a blessing, but it is only the beginning of a process. Once the intital treatment is finished the patient can often feel isolated and in need of support.  This is where aftercare programs can offer great assistance. Most therapists and doctors strongly urge a patient to enroll in an aftercare program in order to limit the chance of relapse, especially in the first six months of sobriety after an addiction.

Types of Aftercare

Most of the time aftercare programs are designed to meet the needs of an individual. Usually aftercare programs are either an intensive outpatient treatment program or a residential treatment program. Each program offers a recovering addicts a series of unique supports. The programs may vary from center to center most contain the following, lectures, education, group meetings, one-on-one and group meetings, counseling, therapy, recreational and social activities.  Suboxone can help recovering addicts to make the most out of these aftercare programs.