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Pain Killer Addiction

Painkillers such as Oxycontin, Demerol, Morphine and Percocet are highly addictive.  It is not possible to overcome a prescription drug abuse using traditional drug rehab methods. Treatment for pain killer addiction requires intensive counseling and therapy and the commitment of the addicts.

Painkiller addiction becomes a very serious problem because it, changes the chemical balance in the brain. Overtime the addiction becomes harder to overcome and it is extremely difficult for the addict to quit. This is because of the severe withdrawal symptoms that are associated with stopping the use of opiates.

The most commonly seen withdrawal symptoms are:

Severe drug cravings

Light headedness / dizziness



Stomach pain

Body pains / aches

Chills / sweats

Vomiting / nausea

Suboxone Treatment & Painkiller Addiction Recovery

Because of the severity of the withdrawal symptoms when an addict stops taking pain killers it is essential that the user immediately seeks specialized help via inpatient or outpatient services.

Suboxone treatment for addiction is regarded as one of the most effective treatments.  Suboxone or Subutex (generic form of Suboxone) works in a similar way to other rehab drugs like Methadone, however they do not have the same side-effects and risks. Suboxone is often administered to a patient in the first few days of the drug rehab program to help an addict on the road to recovery.