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Vicodin Addiction

Prescription drugs that contain opiates can help those with pain and other ailments, but they can also be dangerous as they are addictive. Vicodin, a prescribed pain killer is widely used in the treatment of chronic pain. This is also a medication that is regularly abused, and many people are addicted to this powerful opiate based drug.  Due to the fact that Vicodin is a prescribed drug some individuals believe it is non addictive over relatively harmless, however this is not the case as Vicodin is very addictive. Long time usage can result in a person becoming dependent on the drug making it extremely difficult to live without.


Vicodin detox involves treating a user so that they are weaned off the addictive drug through a carefully planned program. The detox programs have serious side effects and those who take part in them need to be monitored by health professionals. These side effects are technically known as Vicodin withdrawal symptoms and can result in physical and mental distress. 

Here are some of the more common Vicodin withdrawal symptoms are:



Extreme Mood Swings

Anxiety/ Panic attacks

Severe Abdominal Pain

Depression/ fatigue


Body Ache/Muscular pain


The intensity of these withdrawal symptoms depends on the amount and prolonged time the individual has been using. In serious addiction there is a risk that a patient may suffer from seizures.

Use of Suboxone Treatment in Prescription Drug Addiction

Using Suboxone as a substitute for Vicodin can greatly help in the detox of a patient. Suboxone is normally prescribed in the initial phase of the program and it helps the patient to ensure that the withdrawal symptoms are not as severe as they could be. This is important to prevent a relapse. Suboxone can help you or a loved one overcome their addiction to an opiate.