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Seeing a loved one destroying themselves because of an addiction is a terrible thing.  Seeing a brother, sister, partner or friend falling into a dark pit of drug addiction is painful, however, these problems need to be addressed in order for them to heal.  It is important that you help a loved one enter a rehab program.  Remember, those who are addicted to a drug need urgent and professional help that can only be provided in a rehab setting.

When a person becomes a victim of drug addiction, their mind is only filled with thoughts of getting their next fix. Their life becomes devoted to getting their next 'high'.  Addicts are often not rational, and they need guidance to enter into rehab.  Family and friends of an addict need to be positive and persuade them to get help for their addiction so they can return to their normal lifestyle.

It is important that a loved one enters an addiction treatment program or they may face a life threatening situation . Here are some tips that will help persuade a loved one into a rehab or a drug detox program.

Communicate with the addict:

Become familiar with the addiction of the person and the nature of their problem.

Complete an intervention:

Intervention is an effective tool, where family members as well as friends conduct a very intense session with the addict. This can show them how their addiction is destroying not their life but is also affecting the life of those they love.

Getting A Loved One to accept Rehab

Never Judge: Addicts already have low self-esteem and judging them may be counterproductive. Be stern, but also show them love and support. Show that you care and that you are hurting because of their addiction.  This can help addicts to take a new view of their addiction and help them to see that they need to seek some medical attention for their condition.

Get treatment immediately and play an active part in the program: As soon as you sense that an addict wants to change, take advantage and urge them to get treatment immediately.  This is the time your loved one needs you the most. It is important that they know that you and others are there for them. This can help them to make a full recovery from a dependency on drugs such as heroin or Oxycontin.  Suboxone is a prescribed medication that is very helpful in overcoming an addiction to an opioids such as Fentanyl and Oxycontin.