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An effective drug rehab treatment plan needs to be comprehensive and should include drug detox initially. The detoxification process is a way of riding the body of all the residual properties of a drug. Those who have a long-term drug addiction and are dependent on opiates, the process of detox can be very hard and even dangerous. Usually withdrawal symptoms are very severe and can lead to a lot of discomfort. These symptoms can be so severe for the patient they they should be monitored by specially trained health professionals. Therefore, inpatient drug detox programs are the best option for patients seeking an addiction treatment program. An inpatient drug detox facility has a specialist team of experts, including doctors and therapists who care for patients withdrawing from drugs.

Inpatient Drug Detox Process

A drug detox program, that takes place in an inpatient setting is more effective than those provided by an outpatient treatment program. An inpatient facility can support a person 24 hour a day as they are weaning themselves off a drug. These centers have the personnel and the medications that are needed to treat symptoms of withdrawal.  They can take addicts out of situations that discourage sobriety and encourage drug abuse. The majority of the inpatient drugs detox and rehab programs have a very high success rate and help many to lead a sober life.

The Pros of Inpatient Drug Detox

Impatient drug detox is not only far more comfortable than outpatient treatment, but it also prevents relapse, especially during the detox stage of recovery. Both forms of treatment do offer 24-hours supports to those seeking to overcome a dependency but the inpatient one is widely seen as the superior service. Perhaps the most important factor in the high success rate of inpatient clinics is that they take people away from those who enable an addicts drug addiction. The inpatient detox facility also gives a patient the option of remaining at the facility during the remaining treatment stage of his or her recovery from addiction.

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