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Dangers of Drug Addiction: Life After Rehab

Drug addiction is a living nightmare and those who enter the dark world of addiction need professional support and usually some form of rehab program. There are long term dangers because of drug addiction and they need to be monitored even after a person overcome an addiction.

Drug addiction – Health Dangers

The dangers of drug addiction are the following:

Irregular heart beat/heart failure


Lung damage

Infertility and sexual problems

Respiratory depression


Learning and memory problems


The Effects of Drug Addiction

The effects of drug addiction are quite negative and destructive.

These include:

Development of tolerance –The addict’s body becomes so tolerant of the drug that they need more and more. This means that they are constantly craving the drug.

Psychological dependence – Once the brain becomes dependent on the drug, the addict starts feeling unwell and they experience a series of problems such as panic attacks.

Physical dependence - An addict’s body craves the drug as strongly and they need it to simply function and without it they can become ill. When an addicted individual is unable to receive his daily fix of the drug he suffers from withdrawal symptoms and these can be severe, and they range from vomiting to pains.

Damage to relationships -Those who are addicted often experience accidents and are more likely to die by homicide or an accident. The biggest danger of addiction is that it destroys relationships, leaving the addict all alone and without often family and friends.

Life After Addiction Treatment

Drug addiction is a dark world that destroys a person in every way and impacts on the lives of those they love. However, with the right medical addiction treatment program it is possible to get back on the road to recovery and health. A comprehensive treatment program for addiction can begin the healing process and allows an addict to mend the relationships damaged because of their dependency on narcotics such as heroin or OxyContin. These treatment programs usually offer the following family counseling, individual therapy and support groups. You can have a great life after addiction treatment and you can remain drug free for life. Suboxone is one of the most effective medications for drug dependency treatment.