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Prescription drug detox programs help an addict to overcome their dependency by providing them with the specialist treatment that they need. In order to manage the severe withdrawal symptoms. It is important that an addict receives help to deal with these withdrawal symptoms as this can reduce the risk of relapse. Detox programs can help a person on the road to recovery and make the return to sobriety so much easier. These detoxification programs help those addicted to cleanse their body of opiates.

What to expect at a Prescription Drug Detox Program

It is natural that a person entering a drug detox program are fearful because of misinformation that has been spread about the effect of these treatments. It is very important that people make the right choices and benefit from a treatment program. Many people are deterred from taking part in these programs because of unfounded fears and misconceptions.

Let us look at what a person can expect from these programs:

Initial Assessment:

This establishes what drugs a person has been using and in what doses.
Choosing the setting for the treatments: The detoxification can take place in many settings these include hospitals, special clinics, rehab center or even in a private home. The decision is the patients’, but they need to consult with a physician before they decide on where to receive help.

Regular Assessment:

When a patient is undergoing detox, the medical staff will perform physical examinations. At an inpatient clinic these exams often occur on an hourly basis. In an outpatient these examinations take place daily or even less frequently. If it is determined that a person is experiencing withdrawal symptoms he or she can be provided with the appropriate medication to help them to manage and control their withdrawal symptoms. Suboxone is regularly administered as this prescription medication eases the severity of the withdrawal symptoms experienced by a patient while gradually helping the addict to give up a narcotic.

Easing Distress

Prescription drug detox programs are beneficial to those who are reluctant to deal with the shame and the stigma of their drug abuse.  It can provide them with the supports that they need to overcome their addiction and to begin the healing process. Suboxone has helped many to make a full recovery from drugs such as Codeine, Fentanyl and Oxycontin or street drugs such as heroin