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Signs and Symptoms of Drug Addiction

How to Tell Someone is Abusing Drugs

Drug abuse and drug addiction is a serious condition that can lead to terrible changes in a person’s life. This is a problem that can destroy a persons life and even result in their death. If you suspect that someone important in your life has a drug addiction and dependency problem, it can be hard because you are not aware of the symptoms and signs.  Addicts tend to be secretive and they hide their condition. The following list of signs and symptoms of drug addiction can help you to determine if a loved one has an addiction to some drug.

Top Signs and Symptoms of Drug Addiction

Different drugs produce different effects on people, but in general the symptoms and signs are generally the same.

These signs and symptoms typically include:

Neglecting important work and school and problems over absenteeism and time-keeping.

The use of drugs is a person’s main preoccupation.

Suddenly they have legal problems.

Development of a high tolerance of a drug

Stopping the use of drug leads to them developing drug withdrawal symptoms such as vomiting etc.

Signs of Drug Abuse Physical Signs of Drug Addiction

Insomnia and lethargy

Changes to their appetite and either rapid loss/ gain in weight

Smells on their breath, body or clothes

Needle marks on their arms and other limbs.

Hyperactivity/ restlessness

Excessive talkativeness


Cold, sweaty palms and excessive sweating

Rapid heartbeat

Frequently rubbing their nose

Untidy physical appearance

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