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Vicodin Addiction

What is Vicodin?

Vicodin is primarily used as a painkiller and contains a combination of Acetaminophen and Hydrocodone. This drug can lead to an individual’s faculties being impaired and they need to avoid operating machinery or driving. It is important if you use Vicodin to understand how it will affect you.

Street Names for Vicodin

This drug because of its properties is a widely abused substance by those who want to get high. It is known by many names on the street and has many ‘short names’. The best-known street names for Vicodin is Vikes or Beans.

Signs and Symptoms of Vicodin Addiction

People who take Vicodin experience a high or a sense of euphoria. If this drug is used over the long term a person develops a tolerance for the drug. This means that they begin to consume more of the drug to get the same experience or high. The clear majority of Vicodin drug abusers consume about 20-30 pills each day, and there are those who take even more. 

The most noticeable symptoms of Vicodin addiction are the following:

Appearing drowsy/ sleepy

An obsession with getting Vicodin

Poor Concentration

Extreme anxiety/paranoia

Extreme mood swings/ angry outbursts


Those who are addicted to the drug often become involve in criminal practices to secure access to Vicodin. For example, they engage in ‘doctor shopping’ in order to get prescriptions for the medication. Those who are addicted to the drug care for little else and they neglect their friends, family, work and school.

Vicodin Addiction Withdrawal

Usually it can take a user about a week to overcome their dependency on Vicodin. During withdrawal, those who abuse it have a variety of symptoms. Some of these may be severe withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms often include, sweating, vomiting, aches, diarrhea, muscular and bone pain. These can last from two to four days. The best way to overcome this drug is to gradually reduce the dosages that an addict consumes. It is very important that someone who is dependent on this drug receive inpatient detoxification and attend withdrawal programs. These will help to ease their withdrawal symptoms and to prevent a relapse.

Side Effects of Vicodin Usage

Vicodin is an opiate based medication. These side effects can be very severe, and an addict may need medical assistance. There are many signs indicating if a person is taking the drug, such as unpredictable behavior. Two of the more severe side effects are irregular or slow breathing and a feeling of tightening in the chest. If these occur, then medical attention should be immediately sought.

Vicodin Dependency

It is not easy to discover that you have become dependent on Vicodin because it happens gradually over a span of time. The more you turn to Vicodin for pain relief, the more are your chances of getting dependent increased. 

How can Suboxone help?

If you, a loved one or a friend has succumbed to Vicodin addiction, help is available. There should be no arguments if someone admits they have a problem, rather they should be supported and treated with empathy. It is important that an addict is not made to feel ashamed or else this could lead to more drug taking. The best approach is to contact a medical facility that offers Suboxone treatment. We have a team of medical practitioners that offer a holistic rehabilitation program as well as in and out patient treatment. This treats not only the physical condition but also the underlying root causes, through therapy and counseling. The rehab can give people the strength to lead a life of sobriety. If someone has fallen prey to Vicodin addiction then contact a Suboxone expert today to seek the help needed to return to a normal life.