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What is Oxycontin Addiction?

Oxycontin is a prescription painkiller that primarily contains Oxycodone which is an opioid. Opioids have properties that make them highly addictive and if taken regularly add a high risk of addiction. Oxycontin is as dangerously addictive as Morphine or Heroin. Opioid dependence is caused by the drug changing the body’s system and the chemical balance in the brain. If a person takes Oxycontin, they can feel euphoric and happy. After prolonged use, the user starts craving the drug for a high and are not able to function without it and these are a sign of Oxycontin addiction.

Those addicted to prescription drugs cannot just stop suddenly. The body becomes so accustomed to their regular dose or ‘fix’ of the drug that when a person stops taking the narcotic they quickly develop severe withdrawal symptoms. These withdrawal symptoms are not life threatening but can be grueling to deal with, both physically and mentally. It is important that Oxycontin detox is monitored by certified medics and counselors so that the addict has the best chance of healing successfully.

Oxycontin Addiction Treatment Option – How Suboxone is Utilized in Oxycontin Detox

The usual Oxycontin detox programs are:

Rapid opiate detox

Medical detox exclusively

Methadone and Suboxone Treatment

Suboxone treatment is widely regarded as the best prescription medication in the treatment of opioid addiction. Below are some of the benefits of Suboxone treatment.

Controlling the impact of opioid withdrawal symptoms

Limits drug cravings

Levels out the highs and low of opiate addiction

Enabling the addict to return to a normal life.

Helping the patient to have the will power that will help in recovery and reduce the chance of a relapse

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