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OxyContin Addiction Treatment

What is Oxycontin and why is it addictive?

Oxycontin is a prescription drug that can help relieve the pain of those suffering from a wide range of conditions such as back pain to cancer. This drug is an opiate and it contains oxycodone. Like every other opiate, the prescription drug gives those who take it a ‘high’ or sense of well-being and even euphoria. Oxycontin is as dangerous as morphine but if it is used even for pain relief for an extended period it can become very addictive. Oxycontin is widely used by junkies and addicts making it one of the most abused prescription drugs.

Oxycontin Addiction Treatment - What to Expect

Taking a drug such as Oxycontin is inherently dangerous because it alters the brain and the body. Long-term use leads to addiction and this means that a user will need a daily fix to make sure that they can feel good and simply function. If they do not take the drug, they experience withdrawal symptoms.

These withdrawal symptoms are very severe and produce emotional and cognitive changes that are very serious, lasting numerous years.  It is very hard for a person trying to kick an opiate dependency.   In order to endure the withdrawal symptoms addicts usually need some medication  or other supports.

When an individual participates in an Oxycontin addiction treatment program he or she can access a range of supports. 

Oxycontin Addiction Treatment

There are medications and treatments that can help in controlling the side-effects of the physical withdrawal symptoms. They provide drugs such as methadone or Suboxone. Receiving Suboxone treatment can help to limit the cravings for a drug and ease the side effects of stopping regular use of an opiate such as Oxycontin.

They make a patient more resilient and allow them to resist temptation with the appropriate use of cognitive strategies.  Treatment helps guide a person to live a healthy lifestyle and makes them aware of the life issues which if left unchanged can lead to risk of relapse.

If you, a friend or a loved one need help to overcome a Oxycontin drug abuse problem then the SuboxoneDoctor.com can help you to identify a treatment facility. Suboxone can help any person to overcome an opiate addiction and has changed the lives of countless people for the better.