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3 Most Commonly Abused Pain Killers

Pain Killer Abuse

No-one sets out to be an addict and this is especially the case in relation to prescription painkillers. The dramatic rise in the levels of people that are addicted to prescription medicines is due in part to the increased availability of these painkillers. This and the fact that many people have a genetic predisposition to addiction means that many people become dependent on some opiate. An alarming fact is that the abuse of these painkillers is second only to the abuse of marijuana. It has been found that 10% of school children have taken Hydrocodone. This is because they have access to it in their home due to their parents taking the prescription medication.

How to Prevent Pain Killer Abuse

Painkiller addiction is a dangerous problem and steps needs to be taken to prevent it.

These include:

Be aware of the medications that you are taking and if there are any risks of addiction. Always keep your doctors informed of any medications you are taking.

Take only those medicines that are prescribed and take the recommended doses.

Remember to keep your prescription medication secured always, in order to prevent them from being abused by others.

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