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Pain Killer Addiction Treatment

Pain killer addiction is often mistakenly seen as the fault of the addict and a result of their own weakness and bad decisions. Addiction is not a result of a person being morally weak or of poor character, but it is now recognized as a physical condition. Prescription drug addiction is recognized by health professionals as a medical condition.  Addiction is a result of people taking a drug over a prolonged period, have changed their brain. This means that they are dependent on the drugs and they have no choice in the matter. Then if they try and detox they must endure many severe withdrawal symptoms and this means that they are unable to give up the opiate drug.

Overcoming any drug addiction requires great willpower and the appropriate medication to improve the chances of success. Suboxone treatment or well-known treatments such as the traditional 12-step programs and methadone treatment can help addicts to escape from the physical and mental nightmare of addiction.

Some Popular Pain Killer Addiction Treatments

Subutex and Suboxone Treatment:

These are the latest treatments and they are now very popular prescription drug addiction treatments. Subutex is often administered in the early phase of the detox program while Suboxone is provided to a person during the crucial maintenance phase of the treatment. One of the advantages of Suboxone is that it can help patients to manage their withdrawal symptoms and this can greatly assist them in giving up the drug without the risk of developing another opioid dependence.

Methadone Treatment:

Methadone is often prescribed by medics for pain killer addiction. This drug releases the same receptors as an opioid that helps to ease and control the uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms. The precise dose prevents the symptoms of withdrawal and reduces the desire for the drug. There is a risk with this medication because methadone addiction treatment can lead to methadone addiction if the drug is not properly administered or abused. Suboxone treatment has changed the lives of many addicted to prescription pain killers such as Oxycontin.