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Morphine Addiction Treatment

Morphine Addiction Treatment

Signs of Morphine Addiction

There are certain tell-tale signs that show a person is addicted to morphine and these can help you to identify if a loved one is addicted to this powerful narcotic.

The symptoms are as follows:

Psychological symptoms:

They experience an intense feeling of joy or euphoria after taking the drug

An inability to focus, concentrate and an inability to perform simple tasks

Completely obsessed with the need to get the drug

Loss of interest in other matters.

Behavioral symptoms:

The person is consulting multiple doctors to get more prescriptions for morphine.

Lying to get the drug or money for the drug

Being very secretive

Uncontrolled use of morphine even despite its dangers.

Physical symptoms:

Loss of appetite and tiredness

A high tolerance level for morphine

For females a problem with their menstrual cycle

Suffering withdrawal when going without the drug for a period.

Effects of Morphine Addiction

A person abusing morphine will suffer from some very harmful effects of the drug. 


Dry mouth and faintness

Poor appetite and constipation

Difficulties with swallowing and respiratory problems

Reduced sex drive

Sleep apnea / stopping breathing in one’s sleep

Poor Circulation

Low blood pressure


Poor coughing reflexes leading to choking

Treatment Options for Morphine Addiction

Morphine addiction is a health problem that needs prompt medical assistance. Without medical supervision and guidance it is very difficult for an addict to overcome their addiction and to lead a normal life. Morphine addiction treatment is conducted in both inpatient and outpatient settings. Often morphine addiction treatment involves some type of morphine detox.  You can select a program that meets your particular needs thru our site.

If you, a friend or a loved one need to find a Suboxone rehab center then our rehab helpline number can be of some assistance. If you contact us today then our expert adviser can help you to find the best rehab center closest to your area.