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Drug addiction is a national epidemic and it is often a result of people taking medications for legitimate reasons. The most common type of addiction is to painkillers that are used to treat people with a health condition. People at first take these drugs for pain relief but over a period they can become addicted to them. This is the downside of the use of prescription drugs. They can lead to dependency that can destroy a persons life and even end in death. However, medical drug detox or prescription drug detox can help an individual to escape from the nightmare of addiction and to end their dependence on dangerous opioids.

Medical Drug Detoxification

Medical drug detox programs are very important, they can deal with the side-effects that arise from an opioid dependency. Typically, a medical drug detoxification program is carried out in an inpatient setting where qualified medical professionals monitor the patient during the withdrawal process. Once the detoxification process starts, the user misses his or her usual dose or ‘fix’ and this can cause complications that are physically and mentally grueling. Withdrawal symptoms are very draining and often very painful which is why regular monitoring is necessary. If a person is in pain or discomfort because of the withdrawal symptoms then medication is provided to ease the symptoms. Typically, Suboxone treatment is used in a drug detoxification program as this medication can alleviate the withdrawal symptoms. This prescription medication manages the withdrawal effects on the body while helping the patient to gradually become drug free.

Under this detoxification program a team of medical professionals including, doctors, nurses, counselors and therapists who specializes in addiction medicine monitor and look after a patient. Their expertise means that a patient can overcome the withdrawal symptoms and avoid a relapse. Suboxone has played a very important role in the detox of many who then went on to make a full recovery from drugs such as Codeine, Fentanyl and Oxycontin.