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Prescription Drug Abuse Statistics

Statistics show that just over 2,000 teenagers start abusing prescription drugs each day. More and more teens are using medications to get high. Teens aged between 13-17 years are much more likely to abuse a prescription drug such as Fentanyl, than cocaine or heroin. There is a dangerous misconception that prescription drugs are safe to abuse. The majority of those who become dependent on prescription drugs receive them from friends or family.

Prescription drug abuse statistics indicate that perhaps 20% of teenagers abuse some form of drug that was not prescribed to them by a doctor. Many young people start abusing drugs before the age of 12. Some 14% of US teens reported abusing prescription painkillers not prescribed to them by a health professional, whichis leading to a massive rise in the number of young people who are addicted to these drugs. We urge all teens suffering who are dependent on some drug to get help by accessing the resources that are available at SuboxoneDoctor.com

Those drugs that are most likely to be abused are the following:  pain medications, anti-anxiety medications, stimulants and sleeping pills. These are all abused because they give an addict a feeling of euphoria, commonly known as a high.

Number of deaths due to prescription drug abuse:

It is estimated that a staggering, 100,000 Americans die yearly because of prescription drug abuse. There has been an annual increase of 3%, every year since 2010 and this trend is continuing.

Most Commonly abused prescription drugs: 

Anabolic steroids – These are produced to help build muscles and they are used by many athletes. These drugs are also used to boost the level of testosterone in males so that they do not suffer delayed puberty, impotence, and osteoporosis.

Barbiturates – these drugs are depressants of the CNS or Central Nervous System. They are routinely prescribed to those suffering from anxiety, epilepsy, sleep disorders, and tension. Benzodiazepines – are drugs are also regarded as CNS depressants by medical professionals. They can help those who suffer from stress, anxiety, convulsions, panic attacks, and insomnia.

Fentanyl – a powerful synthetic opioid that has the painkilling and other properties of most opiates. It is more regarded as more potent than morphine and it is only prescribed to help those with chronic and severe pain. In many instances it is used to help cancer patients to manage their pain.

Muscle relaxants –This type of medication is used to treat muscle pain and other muscular problems. Muscle relaxants can be used to help those with conditions such as cerebral palsy, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, and spinal cord damage.

Opioids – These are made from the morphine derived from the Poppy plant. They have powerful analgesic attributes and they are routinely prescribed for the treatment of acute or moderate pain.

Sleep medications –These are also CNS depressants and help a person to improve the nature and quality of their sleep.

Stimulants –these stimulate the body, and this improves alertness and concentration. These drugs can also help in the treatment of depression, and narcolepsy.

Suboxone is a medication prescribed by doctors for the treatment of an opiate addiction and it can help to end the nightmare of addiction to drugs such as Fentanyl.