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Warning Signs of Prescription Drug Addiction

Causes and side effects of Prescription Drug Addiction

Reasons for Prescription Drug Addiction

Prescription drugs are technically difficult to obtain and much more difficult to source than over the counter medication. Only a certified doctor has the authority to prescribe these drugs. Prescription drugs are addictive if they are not used in ways that are authorized by a physician.

The reason for addiction are not fully known but there are factors that play an important role in determining if an individual becomes an addict. These include genetic, biological and environmental factors play an important role in the development of prescription drug addiction.

Effects of prescription drug addiction

The effects of a prescription drug addiction are devastating and can ultimately ruin lives. These drugs are powerful and can lead to a person becoming physically and psychologically dependent on them.  When an individual tries to stop their intake of these drugs they face a host of medical complications in the form of withdrawal symptoms. The withdrawal process is very challenging and if its not managed properly can lead to painful consequences and relapse.

Signs of Prescription Drug Addiction

Certain warning signs can indicate an addiction.

These include the following:

Loss of appetite and insomnia.

Slurred speech/body tremors/ sweating.

Poor personal hygiene

Bloodshot eyes/dilated pupils

Secretive and unusual behaviors.

Poor performance levels at work or at school

Hyperactivity, restlessness, and agitation

Personality changes

How to Help

It is very important that the problem is accepted, all too common, many people deny that they have a problem. Recognizing the problem is the first step in recovery and there are many rehab and medical treatment centers and programs.

If you or a family member need the help and support of a rehab center, then our rehab helpline number can be of help. Call us today and our resident expert adviser can help you find the best rehab center near your area. At these you can receive Suboxone that allows a patient to recover from an opioid addiction and end their dependency on drugs such as Oxycontin.