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Drug detox is a process that helps an addict to expel a drug from their system and it is a critical stage in the recovery from a drug dependency.  Detox is regarded as a separate process distinct from drug addiction and abuse treatment. It is seen as an initial stage in any successful addiction treatment program. Detox can last anywhere from a few days but for those with a severe addiction it can last a few months.

The detox process is specifically designed to help a person to heal. They are designed and monitored by health professionals who also prescribe medications to assist in the recovery process.


A drug detox program is divided into two stages and they both play an important role in helping the patient to overcome an addiction:

Evaluation - The addict needs to be medically evaluated. This involves the diagnoses and assessment the severity of a person’s addiction. The evaluation stage of the detox process can establish the physiological and emotional reasons for a dependency on opiates such as Heroin or Oxycontin.

Stabilization - In this step the process of withdrawal from the drug starts. This stage enables a patient’s body to be cleansed of some toxic drug. For those with a severe addiction medication can also be prescribed during this process.

What is Drug Detox

The aim of drug detox is to allow the drug addict to begin the process of healing from their addiction and to encourage them to receive further treatment in an inpatient or outpatient setting.


Remember the only way to ensure that you can escape the nightmare of drug abuse and addiction is to get professional help from medical professions.

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