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What is an Opioid?

Understanding Opioids

Scientifically, opioids are a class of drugs that have special painkilling properties and can are most suitable for pain management. Painkillers such as Oxycontin®, Vicodin®, Percocet®, and Actiq are all classified as opioids. Besides from relieving pain the drugs can also produce a sense of euphoria and pleasure in a person who has taken one. This can ultimately lead to a person developing a high tolerance level and becoming addicted especially if they are used over the long-term. It should be remembered that not every person who takes an opiate becomes addicted to a drug. The problems happen when an opioid such as a painkiller changes the brain chemistry, and this can lead to dependency on a drug. Doctors believe that opioid addiction is a long-term medical condition that can only be effectively treated with a treatment recovery program, that involves medication such as Suboxone and therapy.

Symptoms or Side Effects of Opioid Usage

Opioids impact on people very differently. There are certain symptoms that are common in all those who use opioids that should be warning signs that should be acted upon. These symptoms are both physical and mental.

Mental Side Effects of Opioid Usage



Mood Swings

Loss of interest in normal activities

Withdrawal from family and friends


Constant craving for opioids

Poor concentration

Physical Side Effects of Opioid abuse

Chronic Constipation

Stomach Pains


Sexual Dysfunction

Loss of appetite

Once an individual who has been prescribed painkillers shows these symptoms, his or her friends and family members should be worried and be prepared to intervene. Contacting a rehab center that provides medical opioids for addiction treatment recovery programs is highly advisable. The treatment of an addiction not only requires the right medication but also specialist counseling and the support of friends and family. Suboxone treatment is very effective in helping those with an addition to any opiate to overcome their habit.