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What is an intervention?

This is a term that you may have heard about; it is about getting an addict to realize that they are on a dangerous path and that they are ruining their own life and destroying their loved ones too. Interventions are all about confronting a person and making them see that they need to change. The objective of an intervention is to help your loved one recognize their drug problem and that they need the help of a rehab program. If an addict goes to rehab, the intervention is successful.

Types of Intervention

If you are looking for an intervention for a friend or a family member than there are several intervention styles you can adopt:

Classical Intervention:This is when a family gets together and decide to educate themselves on a person’s addiction and they develop a plan as to how to help the addict.

Simple Intervention: One-on-one interaction between the addict and others usually a friend or a family member. This is a conversation about the need for the addict to change and to get some help.

Crisis Intervention: This is where an addict is in danger and this often requires that they are pressurized to receive help. There is also the chance that an addict may be obliged without their cooperation to receive some drug addiction treatment. An ultimatum is often delivered to an addict in these interventions.

Family System Intervention: This intervention is aimed at solving the problems of an entire family group who have addictions. They often receive an ultimatum to change their lifestyles.

Pros and Cons of Interventions


Interventions are flexible

Interventions can empower the addict and their family

Interventions have a proven record of success.


It requires cooperation among a large group of people.

It is important that an individual or a family enforce an ultimatum to an addict.

However, the pros of the intervention outweigh the cons. An intervention can help a loved one of yours choose the right path that will lead them towards a drug-free life. Suboxone can help those who have been persuaded to go to rehab to overcome a dependency on an opioid such as heroin or Fentanyl.