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Lorcet Withdrawal

Lorcet is a prescription narcotic medication that is widely prescribed for the management of pain. It is an opiate based drug, and this means that Lorcet is a potentially dangerous drug. This is because like other opioids it can be abused and can lead to dependency and addiction problems. The long-term use of Lorcet, or taking larger doses than advised, leads to a high risk of developing an addiction. It is not easy to stop taking the drug as it causes a range of withdrawal symptoms such as, vomiting, runny nose, goose bumps, pains, headaches and sweating. These symptoms are very hard to bear but thankfully they are not life-threatening. The withdrawal symptoms are severe enough that a drug detox program is recommended to help to ease the discomfort of withdrawal.


Lorcet addiction is a complex problem and it requires both physical and psychological treatment. Lorcet addiction treatment, if it is severe, requires the specialist supports that are available at a drug detox center. Here a center can provide the rehab treatment that helps the patient’s body get rid of toxic drugs, to detox without suffering excessive withdrawal symptoms. A treatment program should offer a range of supports that treat the person in a holistic manner and this includes counseling, support services, and aftercare so that the patient can avoid the risk of relapse.


Lorcet drug detox is the first and a critical step in a drug addiction treatment program. This process involves cleansing the body of any opioids. Detox may prove uncomfortable,so it is advisable that a person is monitored by a team of health professionals. A professionally monitored program helps not only in managing these physical symptoms but also reduces the risk of a relapse.

If you or a loved one needs to obtain professional treatment at a drug rehab center, then our rehab helpline number is here to assist you. Call us today and our resident expert adviser can help you to find a center that is near your home. Suboxone is a prescription medication that is most likely to help you or a loved one beat an addiction to Lorcet.