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What are Prescription Drugs?

About Prescription Drugs

Prescription drugs are drugs that are prescribed by a certified medical professional for a health condition or problem and they are only available at pharmacies. Without a prescription, these drugs cannot be legally bought. If not taken as prescribed by the doctor, they can be abused just like any street drug and this can ultimately result in drug addiction. Perscription medication abuse can have terrible physical and mental consequences for an individual and their families.

There are three major types of drugs that are abused most often, and they are:

Opioids – These are derived from morphine that is extracted from poppy plants and often are prescribed for moderate and severe pain relief.

Stimulants –These can stimulate the body’s system and are suitable for the treatment of obesity, sleep disorders, narcolepsy and ADHD.

CNS depressants –These medications are prescribed for sleep disorders, such as insomnia and panic attacks and they are often referred to as sedatives or tranquilizers. Barbiturates and benzodiazepines are widely prescribed CNS depressants.

Difference between Prescription Drugs and over the counter drugs (OTC Drugs)

What are the differences in OTC and Prescription Drugs?

Prescription drugs:

They are prescribed by a certified doctor and only available at a licensed pharmacy.

These drugs can only be obtained by a person named on the prescription.

Prescription drugs are monitored by the FDA and are tested under the New Drug Application (NDA) process.

OTC drugs:

These drugs do not require a prescription and they can be bought in a range of retailers, not only pharmacies.

They are also regulated by the (FDA) under the OTC monographs scheme. These monographs are often called ‘recipe books ‘that demonstrate acceptable doses, ingredients, labeling, and formulations of the drugs.

Abuse of Prescription Drugs

Prescription drug abuse is when a person takes a drug in ways that are not prescribed by a physician.

Prescription drug addiction can include the following:

Taking a drug that was prescribed for another person by a doctor.

Regularly and deliberately taking more than the dosage recommended.

Using the drug in non-intended ways to obtain a high, such as injecting or snorting it.

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