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Percocet Addiction Treatment

What is Percocet Addiction?

Percocet is a painkiller that is prescribed by medical professionals for the treatment of pain. It is a compound of oxycodone and acetaminophen and this makes it very potent and very effective. Percocet is extremely addictive and even if used over a short period of time and in small quantities it can lead to dependency. This drug is one of the most commonly abused prescription drug. That is because the drug gives a ‘high’ that is like that experienced by morphine and heroin users, even with a small dosage.

What to Expect during Percocet Addiction Treatment?

During treatment for Percocet addiction users experience severe withdrawal symptoms. During the Percocet addiction recovery period, the symptoms of withdrawal are similar to those that are trying to quit morphine. Here is a list of the symptoms that a user can experience during the withdrawal phase:



Fast Heart Rate


Fever and cold chills

Depression/ Anxiety

Body ache

Flu-like symptoms

Percocet Addiction Treatment

The degree and the nature of the withdrawal symptoms are related to the tolerance levels, as well as the usage of the individual. It is very important that a person recovering from the drug exhibits strong will power so that they are able to resist the temptation of taking the drug, even after the physical withdrawal symptoms have passed.

Suboxone is the medication most commonly used in a Percocet addiction treatment program. A prescribed medication, Suboxone is usually administered in the initial stage of the treatment and allows a patient to endure the withdrawal process. This curbs the often-painful effects of quitting the painkiller. There are some side effects of Suboxone and it should only be taken if prescribed by a physician. Discovering an effective Percocet addiction treatment center is easy with the SuboxoneDoctor.com. Here there is a list of rehab centers that allows you to receive the best treatment possible. Suboxone is the best support available for the recovery process from Percocet addiction.