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Detox can appear to be very scary and intimidating but it should not be.  If people have the full facts then people are not going to be as anxious and be willing to undergo treatment. The media and movies have portrayed detox as a horrifying process where a person experiences great pain, but this does not have to be the case. If people new the reality they would be more willing to undergo detox. In reality, these programs are overseen by medical professionals who assist a patient to heal both physically but psychologically. These are experts who are helping people to return to a normal life in the safest way possible. Drug detox addiction recovery program heals not just the body but the mind as well. This is recognized as the only way to fully heal from an addiction.

The Step by Step Process of Drug Detox

Below is an overview of the detox program so that you have a better idea what to expect during addiction recovery drug detox program.

Diagnostic drug testing

Management of withdrawal symptoms

Addiction counseling services by experts.

Increase awareness of oneself and the ability to manage problems without drugs.

Building physical Strength

It can be very scary to face a detox without support, however drug addiction rehab centers offer  a detox process that makes it bearable.

Symptoms of Drug Detox Programs

The main problem with detox are the severe withdrawal symptoms that a patient suffers once they stop taking the opiate. These withdrawal signs are often extremely severe, both psychologically and physically. Among the withdrawal symptoms are body aches, diarrhea, vomiting, extreme sweating, chills, anxiety, panic attacks, depression and flu like symptoms.

Suboxone Treatment during Drug Detox

Suboxone is usually given to the patient at the beginning of the addiction recovery program. Suboxone is an opioid but it is not as dangerous as morphine and for this very reason it is often prescribed to a patient to help him or her to deal with the withdrawal symptoms better. It can make the detox process so much easier and reduces the risk of relapse. Suboxone is the best prescription medication in the treatment of withdrawal symptoms associated with an opioid addiction.