Detox off Codeine, thanks to your local Suboxone doctor

Codeine Treatment and Rehab

It may seem like looking for a local Suboxone doctor is something that’s exclusive to severe opioid addicts (heroin, fentanyl, etc.), but that’s actually not the case. Each day, thousands of Americans seek help for a very common, yet often overuseddrug meant for pain, Codeine. Addiction to Codeine can be very serious, especially since it’s readily prescribed for chronic pain sufferers or during the recovery period for those who suffer from physical injuries. Like any other opioid, getting ON Codeine is much easier than getting off of your dependency on it. This is where your local Suboxone doctor near you can help. It all starts with a detox.


Taking the first steps to reduce physical cravings from Codeine

If you suspect you may be addicted to Codeine, you should contact a doctor immediately. Sings of Codeine addiction are often associated with heightened anxiety, easy mood agitation, cold sweats or profuse sweating, feeling dizzy, diarrhea, and constipation. You will feel many of these symptoms as part of a greater withdrawal. Cravings, particularly in the physical sense, can be brutal. It’s a seemingly non-stop itch that needs to be scratched, with Codeine being the only thing that you body wants to soothe it. With Suboxone, specifically prescribed from a Suboxone doctor in your area, can kill these cravings dead on their tracks.


How does Suboxone help a patient detox off of Codeine?

To understand how Suboxone can help you, or a loved on, detox from a serious Codeine addiction, it’s important to understand how the drug words. Let’s start with the basics. Your brain contains opioid receptors. These receptors react to the opioids you give them, whether prescribed, legal, or illegal. When you’re addicted, you need these stimulated all the time or you will feel the pain of withdrawals when away from them. Suboxone replicates this stimulation without the harmful or “high” effect of the opioids themselves (in this case, Codeine). Once the drug (Suboxone) is attached to the opioid receptors, your body doesn’t demand the Codeine to make it feel good right away.


With your physical dependency paused, you will be able to pursue further addiction treatment without the demand and pain caused from that dependency. Suboxone allows your body to recover from the dependency while you handle the enormous task of addressing the mental aspects of opioid addiction. In many cases this is a life-saver, particularly with patients who may not have a severe addiction that’s strong enough to warrant stronger medication such as Methadone. Suboxone has a cap for how it affects your opioid receptors as well, which makes the chances of becoming addicted to it as a replacement much lower.


How to find a Suboxone doctor near you, and start your recovery process

Thanks to advancements in treatment and treatment centers all over the United States, it is easier than ever to locate a Suboxone doctor near you that can help. Suboxone must be prescribed by a licensed doctor, but in many cases can be administered at home with a clear mouth strip. Suboxone is almost always used as a tool in other therapies (rather than a stand-alone solution) so be sure you coordinate the best path forward with your doctor when it comes to treatment. Addiction to Codeine can be a long, painful journey, but there is hope out there, and it’s available to you now!